Information for parents

The smooth running of any lesson is all down to advance planning. The right clothes and equipment along with a happy child all go a long way to ensuring that the lesson is a success.

With your help, a child will adapt quickly and easily to a ski lesson. Make sure to :

  • Get your child ready for ski school so that he/she will really enjoy themselves.
  • Dress your child warmly. Mittens, the right shoes, sunglasses, suntan cream are all necessary. Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended.
  • A child should have a special ski school card bearing his/her name along with a parent’s telephone number.
  • Punctuality is very important, make sure to get there on time.
  • Each child learns at his/her own pace and instructors are qualified to guarantee their progress and wellbeing. Every effort is made so that lessons meet the child’s needs and level of ability.