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Your snowboard level in video


Do you have any doubts about your child's snowboarding level? Our videos are here to help you determine the best band for your children!

Snow Garden - Beginner
  • Slide in one-foot flat

  • Slide in fullbase on easy terrain

  • Skidding in the fall line

  • From sliding in fullbasse to skidding on easy ground

Blue Prince & Princess
  • Slide while skidding in the crossing

  • From sliding while skidding to sliding in fullbase

  • Ski lift exercises

  • Skid turn

Blue King & Queen
  • Turn by rotation

  • Waltz

  • Wheelie

  • Jumps with both legs on the track

Blue Star
  • Switch turn

  • Speedcheck

  • Fifty / Fifty on easy box

  • Jump on small jumps

Red Prince & Princess
  • Extension / flexion turn

  • Powerslide

  • Ollie / N'Ollie on the track

  • 180 ° on the track

Red King & Queen
  • Carve turn

  • Slide on the track

  • Ollie / N'Ollie 180 ° on the track

  • Basic Air

Red Star
  • Descent in unprepared terrain

  • Frontside Noseturn

  • Backside Board slide on a box

  • Straight Air

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