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Your ski level in video


Do you have any doubts about your child's ski level? Our videos are here to help you determine the best band for your kids!

Snow Garden - Beginner
  • Ski and snow information

  • Walk, turn and climb with skis

  • Slide in the fall line with the skis parallel and brake

  • First change of direction from the fall line

Blue Prince & Princess
  • Staircase and scissor climb

  • Sliding and braking in a snow plow

  • Slide with the skis parallel with steps and tricks

  • Rotating snow plow

Blue King & Queen
  • Crossing descent and tricks

  • Side skidding

  • Ski easy bumps and jumps with parallel skis

  • Snowplow turn on an easy blue slope

Blue Star
  • Turn in a forest of mini-stakes and a course

  • Skiing in hollows and bumps

  • Ski switch with the "V" skis and change direction

  • Snowplough turn on a varied blue slope

Red Prince & Princess
  • Braking in parallel

  • No turning on easy track

  • Waltz

  • Skid parallel turn

Red King & Queen
  • Short turn on easy track

  • No skater on the flat

  • Basic Air (small kicker)

  • Parallel bend of different radii

Red Star
  • Parallel turns in a corridor of stakes and a course

  • Parallel turn skid in switch

  • Turning on a ski on an easy slope

  • Short turn on medium difficulty track

Black Prince & Princess
  • Short turn with use of poles on difficult track

  • Straights and fifty / fifty jumps on box

  • Parallel turn in unprepared snow

  • Easy and wide track carving

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