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Parents Info

The smooth running of the course must be prepared in advance. Adequate equipment and the enjoyment of the child will also contribute to the success of the course.

With your help, the child will adapt more easily to lessons. See to :

  • Prepare your child for ski school so that he can enjoy it.

  • Dress your child warmly. Mittens, suitable shoes, ski goggles and sunscreen are essential. Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended.

  • Punctuality is important, please respect it.

  • Each child evolves at his own pace and the teachers are qualified to guarantee his learning and well-being.

  • Remember to check out our videos to determine your child's ski level.

Everything is done to ensure that the course meets the child's closest needs and level.


  • Reservations 24 hours in advance recommended for all courses.

  • The meeting point for all private and group lessons is in front of the ski school hut, next to the Drosera restaurant.

  • Ski lift passes are not included in our prices. For children under 6, the ski lifts are free. However, a card must be obtained from the ski lift ticket offices so that your child can use the facilities.

Allow enough time to be on time for your class, especially during peak periods:

  • parking time

  • equipment rental

  • purchase of subscriptions

  • travel to the meeting point

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